By Kelley Larsen

Welcome to One Girl Images 

Landscape and event photographer Cindi Roddan has been capturing the Bay Area and Northern California for much of her life. Raised first in Alameda and then Sonoma County, Cindi was within a day’s drive of some of the world’s most beautiful land- and cityscapes: dramatic coastlines, arid deserts, towering redwoods, and of course, San Francisco. Beauty was never far. Yet it wasn’t simply her surroundings that inspired her. She credits her parents with fostering a love of the camera-- her mother, who always supported her ambitions, and her father, whose own interest in photography was second nature.

Cindi’s pursuit of photography is bolstered by a constant desire to learn, and her art education has been primarily self taught. After becoming a dental hygienist, she began researching gear, techniques, and subjects on her own time. It wasn’t long before she began a career as a professional photographer, spurred by one of her earliest commissions: an album cover for Bay Area band Eight Belles. She has since expanded her repertoire to include weddings, portraiture, and architecture, as well as her own fine art photography, and more.

While her subject matter is varied, Cindi’s primary love is nature. Landscape photography has taken her along off-the-map roads and into hard-to-reach places. Patience has taught her to enjoy the suspense of photographing nature: hiking into unfamiliar territory and waiting for weather, light, and movement to come together for the right composition. Such dedication landed her an image in The Wilderness Society’s 50th Anniversary “We Are the Wilderness” photo campaign, featuring her shot of Zion National Park’s Subway. Her desire to try new techniques led her to discover the world of infrared photography, which garnered her recognition by National Geographic in 2014 when they published her shot of Rainbow Falls in Mammoth, CA.

Cindi continues to live in Sonoma County, where she uses every available moment to find new beauty, learn new techniques, and help clients create beautiful new moments.

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